Dept. Of Corrections Commissioner Issues Statement About Tutwiler Prison Sexual Abuse Investigation

Department of Corrections Commissioner responds to released report from Department of Justice on Julia Tutwiler Prison investigation. The report indicates prisoners have been living in a sexualized environment with abusive and sexual behavior between staff and prisoners. “We consider allegations of custodial sexual misconduct to be an unacceptable abuse of power,” Thomas said. “During the last year we have worked tirelessly to implement recommendations of the DOJ‘s National Institute of Corrections, a review that I requested. Positive reforms have been put in place and those reforms will continue.” “We have been proactive from the beginning,” Said Alabama Department of Correction Commissioner, Kim Thomas. “We have never down played the significant and serious nature of these allegations. I do not, however, agree that Tutwiler is operating in a deliberately indifferent or unconstitutional manner. We will cooperate with the Department of Justice and continue our efforts to implement changes and recommendations with the goal of improving prison conditions and avoiding potential contested litigation.”

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