American Idol Contestant Jess Meuse’s Former School Cheers Her On

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The Holtville Elementary School show choir sings a song for Jessica Meuse wishing her all the luck in the world on “American Idol.”

From the elementary school to the high school, students are cheering her on.
Jess graduated from Holtiville High School in 2009.
We found her year book picture and her very prophetic senior quote, “I’m gonna be famous one day.”
Principal Jimmy Hull says he knew she would make it.

  “I remember her singing and I turned to the person next to me and said, ‘is she lip syncing that or is that her real voice?’ because it was so amazing how her voice sounded at 14 years old. So obvious she had a lot of natural talent,” said Hull.

Carolee Lindsey taught her in Spanish.

“Very good student. That’s one of the things I remember most about Jessica is that she was very good student, very smart,” said Lindsey.

They tell us Jessica even finished high school in 3 and half years and graduated early.

“There’s a lot of things she could have done. She could have chosen any career she wanted. But she always said she was going to be a singer, never wavered from that,” said Hull.

Many have special memories of her and her music.

 “Very much herself and down to earth. She would come in and tell us about new songs, and I remember when she made her first CD all on her own. She had done it at home and brought a copy in for myself and my assistant,” said media specialist Amy Stewart.

 “Always wanted to sing. We would actually play American Idol when she would come over,” said sophomore Michaela McKinney.

And now that she has made it to the national spotlight…. They are cheering her on.

“It’s just awesome to watch someone who went to a small town high school like this and actually succeed like she has,” said sophomore Brandon Dunn.

At the end of their song, the show choir cheers, “Go bulldogs!! and Go Jessica!!!”


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