Jessica Crumpton Learns Uncle will be Released from Prison Early

Over the past few years, we’ve brought you the story of Jessica Crumpton, a Montgomery woman who was left a triple amputee after her uncle poured hot collards on her. 
Today, that uncle found out he will be released from prison after serving just one year of a five year sentence.
Jessica has been through a lot these past couple of years. There have been ups and downs, setbacks and progress but she’s always held a positive attitude.  But she’s having a very, very hard week.
In 2011, Jessica Crumpton’s uncle poured hot collards on her causing second and third degree burns. Eventually she needed both legs and part of her right arm amputated. Her uncle was sentenced to serve five years in prison but he will soon walk the streets as a free man.
“It’s not fair that he gets to walk out of that courtroom and I can’t,” she says. “It’s not fair I can’t tie my kids shoes and he can bend over and tie his.”
Wednesday morning, Brian Crumpton was granted parole after serving just one year of a five year sentence. Jessica says she’s in the process of filing a restraining order against him.
“My kids are scared,” she says. “One of them was burnt, the oldest one saw it and I can’t let them know that we’re not going to be protected.” 
Jessica’s husband Justin says her uncle’s early release is a huge blow to the family.
“Each day throws a battle at you but you handle it together,” he says.
The family continues to stick together through this tough time. Jessica was recently approved for Medicare but has not yet met her deductible, making medication and rehab expensive. 
“I know that I have a purpose and I know that God hasn’t left my side and when you see one set of foot prints, it’s when He carries you and He has carried me for two years.”
The family continues to financially struggle. Jessica can only work 20 hours to qualify for Medicare and her husband can’t work full time because he takes care of her and the kids. 
If you can help the family in any way, please contact Barbara Anderson at 334-221-6860.
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