Miss America 2004 Erika Dunlap Participated in ASU’s Booked on Heritage Event.

Well… There she is….On the campus of Alabama State University!

Miss America 2004 Erika Dunlap participated in ASU’s Booked on Heritage event. Doctor Kim Brown read from her acclaimed children’s book “Queen like me – the true stories of girls who have changed the world.
Ericka Dunlap
“A lot of time, I think young people don’t understand just how important they are because they don’t know how importatnt our culture has been. So, they hear a lot of the bad things in African American culture, but they don’t know that the root of African American is African. And so, many times over we need to know the begginning of who we are so that we can know the future of who we are.”
Dunlap will be at the Acadome ball room tonight at 6:00.
She’s talking about women breaking away from the stereotypes while still maintaining their inner and outer beauty.
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