New Carmike Cinema to Serve Beer and Wine

 You’ll soon be able to drink beer and wine at a Montgomery movie theater.

TheMmontgomery City Council voted tonight to allow the new Carmike Cinema Movie Theater on Chantilly Parkway to serve beer and wine when they open.  This will be the only movie theater in the city to do so. 

All members of the council voted for the ordinance except Arch Lee, who was absent and Jon Dow, who says he has concerns about safety.

“If I have some drinks before I go to the movie theater and I can get three more while I’m there, that third one just might have me yelling at the movie, cussing at the kids and it may have me acting in a manner that I shouldn’t be because I’m taking my family and they’re seeing all of this,” he explains.

Carmike says the 13-screen theatre will fit 28 hundred guests. It’s expected to be open sometime this summer. 

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