ASU Facebook Reaction to Trustees Resignation

We asked our Facebook fans what they think about the situation with ASU Board Chairman Elton Dean resigning and Marvin Wiggins not resigning his position by the Governor’s 5pm deadline on Thursday.

Jason Davenport says, “Elton Dean did the right thing by resigning, saving the state and university time and legal troubles. This doesn’t end the university’s troubles though, as Wiggins will more than likely be removed by the governor. The Board of Trustees has been corrupt and under corruptible influence for many years.”

Darrius Smith says,  “It’s time for closure for both sides…The focus needs to be on the students and what’s best for them. The Students of ASU have invested their time and effort for an education at the University and their voices need to be heard.”

John Paul Snowden Jr. Says, “I think it needs to stop or let the state take it over.”

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