Gumption Fund Brings New Ideas to Life for Downtown

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Have you ever had an idea for Montgomery but just haven’t been able to make it happen? Now, here’s your chance.

It’s a project to make ideas into reality primarily in downtown Montgomery called the “Gumption Fund.”

“They can be anywhere from murals, art projects, sculpture installations, light, landscaping installations. It could be a video project,” said Clay McInnis, president of the Downtown Business Association.

The Downtown Business Association is a non-profit organization that has found a way to fund your idea.

Here’s how it works.

Twenty volunteers who will contribute 100 dollars every month.
And a two thousand dollar grant will be awarded each month to the winning project.

All you have to do is apply.

“The application is open for any public space or common good of downtown or the city. They can go to ‘’ And its an easy application process, and then those applications are sent out to the committee, the committee votes, and then we award the money the following month,” said McInnis.

Since it is funded by private donors, it won’t cost the City of Montgomery or tax payers.
And the City’s Department of Development says it’s a project they fully support.

“Small businesses are really the backbone of many economies including Montgomery’s. So to the extent that the private sector can help support these creative entrepreneurs, it’s great for downtown and great for the city,” said Senior Development Manager Lois Cortell.

Click here for more information on the Gumption Fund.

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