Alabama’s Journey

In honor of Black History Month, Alabama  News Network presents Alabama’s Journey. 

To encompass the historical significance of the River Region, we have developed a multi-prong approach to pay homage to the black Americans who paved the way in our communities. It’s important to highlight the roles that local prominent citizens played as history marched on….

First, we present “Journey”.  This tells the little known true story of the first African Americans to reach the New World, not as slaves but as free men.  They were engineers, farmers, and interpreters that helped the Spanish establish St. Augustine.  This settlement would later become the first destination for those using the Underground Railroad.  Fort Mose was a garrison community made up of “free blacks” – the first of its kind in the country.  What happened over the next 400 years to the people in this community would culminate in a violent crescendo that pushed the stalled Civil Rights Bill into law.

This half-hour special will air two times each on WAKA, WBMM, and WNCF.

Next, Alabama News Network has crafted a series of 60-second vignettes detailing the accomplishments of the innovators and path makers for the black community and civil rights.  This includes people such as Victor Hugo Tulane who was a businessman and a civic leader.  He had one of the first black owned businesses, a grocery store in downtown Montgomery in 1905. There was also Hagalyn Seay Wilson Ferguson who was the first black female physician and Inez Baskin who was the first black female journalist in Montgomery.  Of course you can’t forget beloved singer Nat King Cole, or Reverend Vernon Johns who was the pastor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church before Martin Luther King.  These 60-second vignettes capsulize their stories and are prominently tagged out with sponsor information.

Finally, ANN continues Alabama’s Journey by creating a five-part news series devoted to untold stories of important people who impacted black American history.  These stories will run in the 10pm Newscast on WAKA and WNCF on January 29th, February 5th, 12th, 16th, and 19th.  Oncecompleted, they will be woven together into a half hour special which will air on both stations on Saturday, February 28th  6-630pm.  We will heavily promote the news series and half-hour special.

Additionally, we will devote our headline banner on to this high profile campaign throughout the month of February.  We will generate a special splash page which will archive the vignettes and news stories.  Our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) will push out information and bring public awareness. 


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