Rockin’ Romance


The Alabama News Network and Cronier’s Fine Jewelry want to honor the River Region couple with  the most “Rockin Romance”! Submit a photo to our Facebook page along with your story through Friday February 13th, and our viewers likes will decide the winner!

The “Rockin Romance” couple will receive a Multi Strand, fancy cut blue topaz necklace from Cronier’s Fine Jewelry; and a prize basket including a Spa Rejuvenate couples massage, Touch of Class Limosine ride, and ‘Sweetheart Steakhouse’ dinner for two at the Capitol City Club!

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Submission #1: 
John and Jessica Williams 

“My wife and I have been married for a little over a year now and have been together for three. While we met and dated in high school, we lost touch after then for about six years. A mutual friend of ours asked me to go out one night. After about an hour of sitting at a table, I just happened to turn around and see her standing in the doorway. Our eyes immediately met and the embrace we gave each other is something I will remember for the rest of my life. The rest is history. We have been together ever since. We were married on Nov. 2, 2013, the best day of my life. I could not imagine my life without her and our two beautiful kids. Despite losing touch for all that time, I believe God had his hands in this, molding us into the individuals we were meant to be for each other. I love you Jessica Williams, and am looking forward to the rest of our lives together.” 

Submission #2
Belinda Long

“Love truly conquers all and our love is a true testament of that. .ten years married we share 3beautiful boys and we continue to count it all joy. We would love to be chosen for some much-needed QT..keep the fire burning!”

Submission #3: 
Tisha and DeJuan Powell

“My husband DeJuan and I have been married almost 17 years, and for a huge portion of those years he worked 2 jobs to support our family, so that I can be a stay at home mom, and even now works 12 hours a day. Even though he works these long hours he still takes time to play games with our 10 year old daughter, or work out or play basketball with our 14 year old son, do bible study along with me and often takes time during his lunch break to visit his mom, or my Uncle who has Cerebral Palsy and is homebound. He’s wonderful, and I would love to win this prize just to give him some stress free time and give the two of us some much needed time together. I am so in love with this man and thankful for his hardworking, giving spirit.”

Submission #4
Allison Elizabeth Spiers and Logan

 “This is me and my fiancee logan. We have been together for a year and currently have a baby boy on the way. This past year has been a rough one. We lost each other for awhile only to randomly meet again and fall for each other all over again. He has been my inspiration and my fire. He helped me get my ged and helped me go into the army. Of course I didn’t make it but he still says he’s proud of me for doing my best. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him. To be honest I don’t really care for a prize. I care to let everyone know that if someone is worth it, fight for them. Don’t let them go. There have been several times where things have gotten rough for us. We both were homeless for awhile and yet he still managed to get us by. Even now, I am a cashier and times are very hard for us. But he still finds a way to get us by. Through thick and thin our love has survived. It’s been a bumpy road but I couldn’t imagine going through the hardships without him.”

Submission #5
Melissa Gill and Scott Cheney 

“Scott Cheney and I have been through it all. Our romance started as a great friendship and has blossomed into the great life we share with our blended kids, family and friends. Please like our photo and story so we can win some much needed and earned’together’ time. Thank you for this opportunity to say Thank you to my amazing man for being there beside me, for me and supporting me through the great times and not so great times, I love you Scott !”


Submission #6
Steve and Bridgettte Ann Bossert

“Our Rockin’ Romance began when we were young children. We missed each other by two years in Florida. Robert E. Lee High School is where I graduated from in 1986, Steve graduated three years before me. I was at a local horse stables until 1993, along comes Steve and his band for a photo shot two years behind. The name “Robert” is in three generations of my family, it’s in two generations of Steve’s. We met one night and became friends. One day we were all that we had and best friends we became. As time went by we fell in love. “I love you”, he said first. “I know….I love you too.” I replied as I danced away. We have a lot in common; respect, love, kindness and happiness. June 6th of this year is our big day we will hold so dear.”

Submission #7

Loren and Joshua Bass

“This is our submission to the rockin romance. My husband Joshua Bass and I have been together ever since December 6, 2010 and this February 11th we will be married for 2 years. We have two little girls 5 months Lillian bass and our oldest almost two will be this month Carrie bass. My husband has epilepsy and I’ve helped him through the years we have been together through thick and thin and always will. Nothing will change the way for my love for him and our daughters. Thank u!”


Submission #8 
Jose and Heather Cornoa

“This is my hubby Jose and I we have been together since September ’04 and married since June ’06 he is my high school sweet heart we have 4 very beautiful girls and 1 very handsome son we have had our share of ups and downs but we have always come out on top and stronger then ever and i have to say this has been the shortest 10.5 years because he makes everyday worthwhile”


Submission #9
David and Jennifer Padgett

“My name is David Padgett and this is my wife, Jennifer. We met seven years ago and have now been married for three. One year into our relationship I was a victim of a home invasion which left me 85% paralyzed and wheelchair bound. We have been through many many changes but she has always stood by my side and supported me during them all. She is the love of my life!”

Submission #10
Steve and Karen Hurst

“Steve and I have been married for 33 years, with 4 beautiful children and 8 beautiful grandchildren. We have had our ups and downs as all marriages do, but we never give up on one another. Steve works so hard for myself, as well as our kids and grandkids to be able to provide not our needs but our wants too! I hope we win because we could truly use a night out together. The day before Thanksgiving, one of our daughters committed suicide, so I think it might give us a night out to occupy our minds and give us some time together!”


Submission #11
Sandra and Lee Bigger

“Ours is a fairy tale romance for sure! Lee and I were high school sweethearts who parted during college, only to be reunited almost 40 years later. We were married on April 11th, 2014, the same day of our 1st date in the 70’s. God further blessed us by reconnecting us with the dear pastor of our youth who performed our lovely ceremony. We are so grateful to be back in each others arms and intend to make the most of this 2nd chance together.. “And they lived Happily Ever After!”

Submission #12
Glen and Renae

“My finance and I first met through a mutual friend and it was crush at first sight – soon to be followed by love at 2nd sight. We are the ones we’ve both been waiting for all of our lives. I have 2 daughters who LOVE her so much & she LOVES them that much back! In the last 8 months I’ve lost my mother & father and she was right beside me – helping take care of them until their last days. We both have bad days & it’s SO GREAT to have someone who understands that & comforts through that. It’s amazing for us both to know what TRUE LOVE really is”

Submission #13
Richard and Teresa Melton

“Richard and I have known each other since I was 13 years old!!He is my brothers best friend and when he used to come up to visit I would be out on the riding lawn mower cutting grass and singing that song “Going To The Chapel and Going To Get Married” old song and then we lost touch with one another and I got a job working with him one day and we started dating!We have been married for 19 years and have 2 beautiful daughters at home!!We would love to win this package it would be wonderful for us to get out and have some time alone with one another!Thank you for the chance to win!” 

Submission #14
Joyce and Charles Oswald

“My husband, Charles and I met in Greenville High School when I was 15, he was 17. We dated a while and he left for National Guard training and he broke up with me….. When I was 17 he told me, ”Marry me or nothing” so we married after about 2 weeks. We have been married for 30 years on Feb. 9. We had many hard times from almost homeless when Allied Chemical closed and we had many bad jobs until he worked his way up to a skill set which opened the doors for him to finally be in engineering maitance for Hyundai. He almost died when our girls were small after falling from a tree while hunting. He hurts everyday from his accident, his ankle is fused and he has a rod in his hip, that leg is shorter than the other due to his accident. He keeps working and we struggled together through the horrible times until we made it to the awesome times. We raised our 2 daughters and now have four wonderful grandchildren. Don’t get me wrong we had break ups and break downs but true love always kept the glue holding enough to fix our hearts back together. Our true love for one another is the only reason we made it through the storms to see the sun shine and watch the flowers grow. Our love together is love for family and we made it from high school sweethearts to rocking chair love of a lifetime. True love true family.”

Submission #15
Rickey and LeeAnn Dennis 

“My husband, Rickey and I have shared many trials and tribulations together. We have loved each other for so long that we literally are ONE. The day we got married was by far the most wonderful day of our lives. From day one, we resolved to take divorce off the table. We vowed that nothing would ever be so bad it would tear us apart and here we are, still together and loving life together!!!! We share something about our day with each other without fail. The key to our happiness is trust, love, family, and many, many beautiful friends! We LOVE our life together”

Submission #16
Charles and Maria Conway

“Charles and I met Sept ’09 and started dating Oct ’10. We fell in love pretty fast. In Oct ’11 we had our son at 6 weeks early. In Nov ’13 we got married and decided that it was time to make our family complete! Things haven’t always been easy but they definitely are worth it! He works so hard to provide for our son and myself. He truly is an amazing man. Please vote for us!”

Submission #17
Toni Bedgood 

“There’s this thing called LOVE, in which my parents show for us their children and for each other. Mark & Carlitta Bedgood has been married for 20 years, on April 16 of this year it will be 21 years. They have been together for 22 plus years and their love continues to grow stronger. With a total of six kids and many that calls them mom dad, they will give their last for us. With that being said, they never have the time to be alone to spend time with each other, because of all that they for us. Winning this package for them will allow them to do so. To enhance to the fire of love that they have for each. To show that we appreciate them for all that they have done for us.

Thank you,
The Bedgood Six”

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