3 Men Convicted of Murder Had Their Parole Denied

A group convicted of killing 3 people in 1991 shooting spree will continue spend time behind bars after their parole was denied this morning.

Tyrone Gibson, Ben Oryang and McArthur Harris will spend another 5 years in prison.

They were convicted of murdering Kelli Dunn, Julia Lindsey and Barry Kelley during a 9 day period.

Investigators at the time say they killed them “just for fun.”

The parole board heard emotional testimonies from both the victims’ and the defendants’ families.

But in the end, the board denied their request for parole.

“There are consequences for what they did. I know they’re older and maybe some a little wiser, but there are consequnces and we’re living what they did to us.” says Juia Lindsey, (Victims) sister.

Gibson, Oryang and Harris will have their next parole hearing in 2020.

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