New ASU Football Coach Faces Allegations

Shocking allegations against Alabama State University’s new head football coach.

Brian Jenkins has only been leading the hornets since December.
The Montgomery Advertiser reports it’s uncovered  numerous allegations of misconduct against Jenkins, allegations the paper says ASU may have known about before Jenkins was hired.
Those allegations from the advertiser cover everything from NCAA rule violations to bullying staff and players.
Some are now worried if Coach Brian Jenkins was the right choice to lead the school’s football team into the future.
Brian Jenkins came to ASU from Bethune Cookman in Daytona Beach, Florida.
Now it’s coming to light that before he left, he was under investigation by the university. 
“I’m just really amazed a better background check, gathering history on this coach was not done at alabama state. But there again, it doesn’t surprise me because we’ve had so many things that have happened both athletically and on the academic side that have fallen through the cracks,” said sports analyst John Longshore.
Now that he’s at Alabama State, any penalties from the NCAA could land on the hornets’ doorstep. Even with the allegations, like breaking the limit on practice time and leaving some players without housing, some students are standing behind Coach Jenkins. 
“As a student I look at it as something we can overcome. Something we can move past as long as we stick together. I know there’s been a lot of allegations in general against alabama state. We continue to move forward as a university, there’s some great students, some great athletes,” said Brandon Crum.
“I feel that it really hit me. It’s really shocking, it’s like why would the coach do that. But I feel his pain because he’s real serious about it. So I hope he gets everything together and everything comes into place,” said Korey Vickers.
Longshore says one reason ASU could overlook the allegations against Jenkins is his 36-4 record as the head ball coach while at Bethune Cookman. 
“There’s a lot of pressure here, a lot of money involved. Winning solves a lot of these issues and maybe overlooking some alleged transgressions in terms of possibly getting some wins on the board, maybe this staff felt like it was worth taking the gamble,” said Longshore.
The Montgomery Advertiser is reporting that Interim Athletic Director Melvin Hines was aware of the investigations, but President Gwendolyn Boyd and the board of trustees say they were unaware.
Our phone calls to the school were not returned.
Longshore says if these allegations turn out to be true, the university could face a limit on recruiting new players or even a post season ban. 
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