Gas Prices on the Rise Again

If you’ve pumped gas recently, you may have noticed gas prices are on the rise.
Over the past few months, gas prices hit the lowest we’ve seen in years.
And drivers say it was a good thing for their wallets.

“I’m a student and we wanted to go to the ASU/ AAMU game in Huntsville,” said Amanda Price. “We were like let’s go, only gonna take us $10 to get there. So you are probably more likely to road trip as a college student if the prices are more $1.70-1.80.”

Prices at the pump are up 13 cents from a month ago. Seeing the prices creep back up, can be upsetting for some.

“One week it’s under $2, the next week its over $2. It’s gonna go up to $4 again? Hopefully not!” said one driver.

So what’s the reason? AAA Spokesman Clay Ingram says this is typical for mid-February one factor is the oil refineries doing routine maintenance and switching over to a summer blend, which costs a little more.

But Ingram says that doesn’t necessarily mean the below-2-dollar-gas is gone forever.

“It’s certainly possible that we could get our average back below $2 a gallon. But if we do, it won’t be until the fall. I think typically we see prices increase in the spring and stay pretty high in the summer and I think that will be the case this year as well,” said Ingram.

For some, the current price is not looking too bad.

“2.09 still not bad at all,” said Price.

“As long as its stays in $2.00 or goes back down, I’ll be happy so I can travel more,” said Kimberly Walker.

Ingram says he expects gas to stay below the $3 mark for the rest of the year.

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