Students One-On-One With Civil Rights Activists

What would you do if you had 15 minutes to ask someone whatever you wanted about being a part of history?

That’s the opportunity that Taniya Frazier and some of her classmates are getting with a March For The Ages.

Frazier had the chance to interview Evelyn Wilson, a student who left class to follow the march to the capitol .
“At my school, when the marchers came past loveless, the teacher told us she couldn’t keep us from leaving class and that was the only cue I needed,” said Wilson.
Frazier and her classmates did a lot of research to prepare for this day. 
She says it makes history real for her.
“What I’ve learned by a history book or from my teachers, it’s all on a very plain scale. But when I research and when I actually get to talk to someone who knows what has happened and what has gone on first hand, it’s almost like I’ve been in that moment,” said Frazier.
These interviews will air on the city of Montgomery’s television channel. 
It’s another way to capture this special anniversary, and Michael Briddell with the city hopes this will make it last that much longer.
“We can tell them all along this is important for this reason or that reason, you need to know these aspects and these facets of the civil rights movement, but in order for the civil rights movement to live and have immortality, it has to be viewed as significant in the eyes of youngsters,” said Briddell.
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