Monster X Tour Back in Town

The monsters are back in town, but these aren’t the ones hiding under your bed.

These monster trucks will be fighting it out on the dirt track.

The tracks are being built for the monster x tour 2015 in Garrett Coliseum this weekend. I actually got to climb into the big foot truck this morning.

They are celebrating their 40th anniversary. Trucks with 1500 horsepower battle it out to be the points champion of the entire tour in hopes of getting good sponsors for the next year.

The tour announcer says it should be an exciting event for all.

“We build kind of an extreme track, but the thing you’re going to find this year is the drivers that are here are really experienced, they’re, you know, really good drivers, and you might see some ghood saves. You never know.These guys, they get a little crazy when they put their helmets on and you never know what you’re going to see”says Monster X tour announcer, Jason Ellins.

Gates open at 6 tonight and the show starts at 7-30. There are also times kids and adults can ride in one of the monster trucks.

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