Selma 50th Events in Full Swing

From the West Alabama Newsroom–  Friday was the first full day of events at the 50th celebration in Selma — and there was no shortage of things to do.

There’s been a continuous flow of activities and events going on all day long — all over the city. There’ve been conferences — marches — and even a golf tournament.

There has also been a steady flow of people pouring into city from all over the country — to take part in the 50th celebration.

“Its just nowhere else that I would rather be or would be in the country given the significance, with the movie and everything kind of culminating this is the event to be,” said Malik Webb who came all the way from Brooklyn, New York.

Films that tell the story of Viola Liuzzo – and former Alabama governor Don Siegelman are featured at this year’s Jubilee Film Festival.

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