Fallen MPD Officer David Colley’s Family Speaks Out to say ‘Thank you’

The family of fallen officer David Colley held a press conference Thursday afternoon to thank the public for their support.

“I appreciate everything everyone has done for us during this tragedy. Thank you for each prayer that has been said for us because without them I honestly don’t think I could have gotten through this,” said David’s wife, Darian Colley.

In an emotional speech the wife of David Colley spoke from her heart.
The Colley family, including his young daughter Isabella, came together Thursday afternoon for a press conference thanking everyone for their support and  saying he died doing what he felt called to do.

“He took pride in his job. He told me one day it was his calling to help others when they needed him. He fulfilled that goal. He was the most selfless, hardworking, tenderhearted, understanding, lovable, and the list goes on forever– of the characteristics David showed everyday of his life,” said Darian.

The Colley family also had a message for the public sharing the hope and faith that is getting them through these tough times.

“David had Jesus in his heart and if there is one thing to come out of this tragedy that he would want me to do is to tell everyone that one day I will see David again in heaven and you can, too, if you know the Lord,” said Darian.

Colley’s dad had a message for fellow parents.

“Stop being in such a hurry and stop buying them every kind of gift you can buy them, the latest toy or maybe you get caught up in all the material things of the world. But just let them know you love them,” said Warren Colley.

 If you would like to donate, there is a scholarship fund set up in  David Colley’s name. Contact any Prime South Bank for the details.

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