CrimeStoppers Program Helps Students Report Illegal Activity

There’s no place immune to crime. That includes schools, where teachers, administrators and law enforcement count on students to be the first line of defense against dangerous activity.

A CrimeStoppers program works to give those students tell adults what’s happening in their schools. CrimeStoppers Scholastic Tip Line is there to help.

Tips that lead law enforcement to contraband earn the tipster a gift card up to $100. Since 2012, there have been 63 arrests, thanks to student tips, with law enforcement confiscating knives, guns, drugs, even tasers and brass knuckles. CrimeStoppers Director Tony Garrett says a very small number of students create the problems. A much larger group of students teams up with law enforcement to stop them–anonymously.

The program used to offer wal mart gift cards to students in exchange for the tips. Since March, CrimeStoppers has been looking for a new business partner.

If you’re interested they say it costs about $3,500 a year, money that could go a long way to keeping schools safe.

You can contact Crime Stoppers at (334) 215-STOP.

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