Local Reaction to Proposal of a State Lottery

 Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh released information Monday from a study examing the impact of expanded gaming and a lottery in Alabama.
     He says the Auburn University Montgomery study found it would bring in 400 million dollars for the state… and have a big impact.
     This comes at a time when lawmakers are trying to fill a 700 million dollar shortfall.

The state lottery has been a hot topic over the years, and political analyst Steve Flowers says readers of his column seem to be ready for it.

“I’m getting an overwhelming response from readers that they are seeing a budget problem in the general fund and they say ‘why don’t we get money from the lottery? Every other state does.’ And quite frankly they do,” said Flowers.

But not everyone is ready to see the lottery come to Alabama.

“I don’t think it will be helpful because at the end of the day everybody will have their hand in it. You can camouflage it into whatever you want it to be, but it’s to make people money. It’s not to really help,” said Henry Jarrett.

Some believe we need to balance the budget with a new tax system.

“All we need to do is set the tax structure where it’s level at a higher rate. If it’s at a higher rate than what it is now, the poor people will pay a little more but the wealthy will pay a lot with no exemptions,” said Donald Barron.

However, some are still for the lottery and what it could mean for Alabama.

“As far as I would think, it would be good for the state. The jobs are very important, so yeah that’d be great,” said Richard Roberts.


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