MPD Citizens Police Academy Gives A Better Understanding of Police

It’s an 11 week course that will teach a group of citizens how police go about conducting investigations among other things. They get to ride along with an officer, tour the jail, and also see the K-9 dogs.
It’s all in hopes of coming away with a better understanding of the police department.

Corporal Greg Dixon says, “I take myself for example. I didn’t realize until I became a police officer what all a police officer endures, different things that they go through. A lot of people assume if we have a hot scene where we are responding and actually shoot someone and we’re experts and can shoot at a person’s hand, but it’s not that way.”

The citizens come from different backgrounds.
Some say they are there to learn and help out where they can.

“I want to learn the city better. I’m not real clear on directions. I want to know how you deal with people that are hurting and just be involved,” said Angela Thomas.

Others want a better understanding of what law enforcement in general.

“First of all, I want to learn more about what police officers do and the whole process of what they do when someone is locked up, booking process, the bail bonds process. Hope I see the whole process go to the judge and everything,” said Antiwan Reuben.

And with violence against police happening across the country, some hope the class will help them better understand the officers job so they can help others appreciate it as well.

“People don’t understand what the police officers do. Police officers put their life on the line every time they go outside. When they first clock into duty, their life is on the line,” said Reuben.



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