The Fight Against Heroin and Spice Intensifies in Alabama

The war against drugs in Alabama is intensifying.  A recent spike in the use synthetic drugs along with the resurgence of a long time killer has law enforcement from all over the state coming to together to find ways to combat it.

Today, authorities from federal, state and local agencies including state education officials gathered for a workshop to learn more about a spike in heroin use.  DEA agents say since 2010, heroin has gone from being almost non-existent in Alabama to the number 1 narcotic on the streets.  Mexican Brown Powder heroin is the primary heroin being sold.  Agents say it’s purity level is so high that some victims have been found dead of an overdose with a needle still in their arm.

Along with law enforcement, state educators are being called on to help fight the spread of drugs.  State Superintendent Tommy Bice says they are trying to keep teachers up to date on what to look for when spotting students who may have an addiction problem.

Along with heroin, the use of the synthetic drug spice is also skyrocketing.  State Law Enforcement Secretary Spencier Collier says in the last two months there have been more than 500 emergency calls made in the state because of spice oversodes.

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