Local Businessman Talks about Family in Nepal Earthquake

Dhirendra Parajuli owns “Taste of India” restaurant in Montgomery. He looks over pictures from his hometown of Kathmandu, Nepal– now unrecognizable after last weekend’s massive earthquake.

“Definitely heart wrenching moment,” said Parajuli.

His parents and siblings are still there.

“They called me at 2 am in the night. After that, I really could not sleep. I just started to see what is going on, searched around the internet and figured out there was a massive earthquake,” said Parajuli.

Fortunately, Parajuli says his family is safe even though they had to camp out in tents for several days before going back home.

“The aftershocks of the earthquakes are gradually dying. People are back home now, starting to go back home, so it’s getting better,” said Parajuli.

He says he has been on social media sites updating his friends and family about what is happening in his hometown.

“Immediate concern of Nepal and Nepalese people at this time is just to figure out how much damage is there. How many people died. And how many people are injured. And how to recover them from initial trauma.”

Parajuli says he is encouraged by the relief efforts that are being made, and even though he can’t be there right now, he is doing what he can here in Montgomery.

“We are praying for betterment. Although we are not physically present there, we are just praying here and trying to continue something,” said Parajuli.


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