Renovations Underway At Normandale Mall

Built in 1954, the normandale mall used to be the the place to shop in Montgomery. 

Things have changed as the city has grew, but Charlie Reed is working hard to bring businesses back.

“We’ve got a dance studio coming in, we’ve got a restaurant coming in, I’ve got a family that does event planning that’s coming in and the mayor’s office has rented a temporary space for a reelection bid,” said Reed.
There are even plans for a radio station.
Reed has been managing the space since February, but there are already noticeable changes.
10 of the 16 store fronts are currently rented out, and crews are hard at work prepping the vacant shops.
The city has even increased police patrols in the area to help cut down on vandalism.
One of the site’s largest spaces, the old Loveman’s building, still sits empty. 
But the windows have been covered and the doors boarded up.
Reed says there’s interest in the spot, but there are challenges.
“They like the size of the space but once I get more spaces leased to local entrepeneurs, then that space will look more attractive because the foot traffic will already be there,” said Reed.
All the work hasn’t gone unnoticed by people in the area.
Some hope to see the shopping center grow even more.
“We need more jobs and development on this side of town than just one side of Montgomery. It would be greatly appreciated,” said Steven Allen.
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