Sales Tax Increase Proposed to Fund Tallapoosa Co. Schools

You could soon be paying a little more sales tax in Tallapoosa County. The County Commission is considering a proposal to raise the tax by one cent.

That money would go to help fund the county school system. System officials say nearly all of the campuses need major upgrades from new bathrooms to heating and cooling systems.  School leaders say the school’s online networks also need upgrades. The one-cent hike would raise about 1.2 million dollars a year and could make some of those projects possible.

“No one likes the word tax. No one wants to increase tax. But one state funding has decreased by 17.8 percent since 2008, then we have to have more local help,” says Tallapoosa County School Superintendent Joe Windle.

Commissioners are holding a hearing to get local input. That will be next Wednesday at 6 P.M. at the Coley Courthouse Annex.

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