Relay For Life: A Cancer Survivor’s Story

Aretha Bettis announces to the crowd gathered for the Relay for Life event Friday night in Montgomery that she is cancer free. She not only beat it once, but twice.

 “I was first diagnosed in 2006 with double breast cancer and went through radiation and treatment. I was diagnosed in 2008 again went through radiation in a double lumpectomy again because it was in both breasts. I am proud to say I am a two time cancer survivor,” said Bettis.

But she was not only diagnosed with breast cancer. She also had been diagnosed with Lupus in 1999. At that time, she founded “Divas 4 Divas,” an organization that would help people just like her with patient care.

 “I wanted to do something to help both organizations and help fundraise for the nonprofits to help people with breast cancer and Lupus,” said Bettis.

Friday night she walked with other members of her group. Those close to her say she is their inspiration.

“She is an awesome lady, she really is. You would never know what she’s going through unless you talk to her or she tells you. You would never know she’s in pain. She just keeps moving. She makes you want to keep moving. She makes you want to keep pressing on, she really does,” said Divas for Divas co-founder Kinita Tabb.

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