Candyland Christmas in Andalusia


Andalusia kicked off the Christmas season by opening Candyland, the city's annual month-long holiday display celebrating Christmas.

Andalusia kicked off the Christmas season by opening Candyland, the city’s annual month-long holiday display celebrating Christmas. Candyland has many different events and activites for kids of all ages this year, including a new ice skating rink, train rides and dozens of interactive cottages made by businesses in the area.

Hundreds of local students came out to the grand opening event to see the new cottages and enjoy the rides and games.

“Well, that’s what Christmas is all about. I mean, it’s just fun to see the smiling faces and it’s hard to be a Scrooge on a day like today, isn’t it?” says Andalusia Mayor Earl Johnson. Johnson was the first to drive the new train the city bought for events like Candyland.

Thanks to some well placed snow machines, the students got to experience some unusual wintery weather for South Alabama.

“It’s a little strange, cause the last time it snowed it was like four years ago,” says fourth grader Ivy Rogers. “And that was a long time for me. It’s like it comes every four years or something!”

Candyland‘s newest addition is the ice skating rink, which seems to be a crowd favorite.

“I liked the ice skating!” fourth grader Katie Kennedy says with a grin.

“We’re ice skating, and I think this’ll probably be the best day of my life I ever had in the world,” says fourth grader Tristan Pitts.

The Christmas display has launched the city into one website’s top ten list of Christmas Towns in Alabama. Andalusia is at the number ten spot right now, but Mayor Johnson says he thinks the city will move up to a higher spot on the list by next year.

Candlyand is open every weekend in December, except Christmas day. For a complete list of scheduled events, you can click here for Candyland’s website.

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