Full Tummies Project Helping Hundreds of Students in Covington County

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It was a project that started small.

“It was completley mom-run. We bought the food, delivered, packed, did everything, and once we started doing that we realized that there was a much larger need than what we were serving,” says Andrea Hindmon, Full Tummies Publicity Coordinator.
Hindmon says the Full Tummies Project started off as a service project for the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group. In January of 2014, they only served around 40 students a week in just a few schools.
Now, Full Tummies serves hundreds of kids in five county schools. These are kids who may not be getting the same amount of meals as others.
“There are students in our county that are at risk for being hungry on the weekends which is surprising sometimes, but again, we’re serving over 250 students so it’s obviously, a large need,” Hindmon says.
Full Tummies makes sure there are at least two breakfast items, two lunches, two dinners, four snacks and a juicebox per bag. The hope is that the students who are possibly only eating nutritious meals at school have something to eat during the weekend.
“When we’ve had to make deliveries or something, you know the teachers have said, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s just a godsend that you’re here!'” Hindmon says. “Cause you know, there’s options for adults to get food, but the children is another story. So we’re literally placing the food in the children’s hands, which is huge.”
The mothers who started the program say it shows you do not have to travel far to find someone who needs your help.
“Parents always seem to say, ‘there’s starving kids in Africa!'” Hindmon says “There’s starving kids in Covington County.”
To donate to the Full Tummies Project or volunteer to help package and deliver bags, click here to be linked to the Facebook page.
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