Rescue Dog Flown To Montgomery To Begin Service Training


You may not know this but dogs can be trained to alert a child’s parents about an oncoming seizure, or wake up a veteran in the middle of the night when they are suffering with a nightmare from PTSD.
That’s the mission of a local non-profit Service Dogs Alabama. Today they had volunteer pilots from the group Pilots N Paws fly in a rescue dog- Goldie. They rescue about 50 to 60 dogs a year and train them to be service animals. Only about 50 percent will make it through the program.

Frances McGowin, Executive Director Service Dogs Alabama said, “We have 100 percent adoption rate, so they are all adopted out and some of the dogs go to families that need them just as much who have disabilities. So it’s always a happy ending.”

Montgomery Veterinary Associates provides all the medical care for the animals. Goldie is now in their care getting vaccinated and spayed before heading off to training. For more information or to donate to Service Dogs Alabama visit:

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