Gun Show Vendors React to Executive Order

President Obama's executive order is meant to stop criminals from getting guns through the "gun show loophole." Gun show vendors do not think they are the problem.

President Obama’s recent executive order called for increased background checks and for all who sell guns to become licensed dealers or face severe punishment. While many are showing support for the President’s decision, gun sellers are saying the order is not giving out new rules.


At the Alcazar Shriners Gun Show, most of the vendors think the order is restating rules they were already following. Michael McGuire is one of those vendors who says the order will not affect his business. McGuire is a licensed vendor with Flattop Enterprises and says he does not think the order will change much about gun sales.

“I’ve seen the new writing, it hasn’t changed the definition of dealers,” McGuire says. “If you’re engaged in this business,  to make a profit, you are a dealer, that’s always been the case. And if you are engaged in this business to make money, then you need to have a license. You need to be federally licensed.”

On the other hand, gun collector and hobbyist Allen Daniels says he does not have a license to sell his guns from his personal collection. He also does not think the executive order will affect his business.

“If they come to me, and they can prove they’re a resident of my state, that they’re of legal age and they tell me they’re legally entitled, especially if they have a concealed carry permit, I can sell to them,” Daniels says. “That’s the only way I will sell to them. And that’s the only way anyone really should sell to them.”

Both men agree that the executive order is meant to help control gun crimes, but is attacking the wrong people.

“The easy answer is guns are the problem. Well guns aren’t the problem, it’s the mental state of our population now, and we’re all at fault for that,” says Daniels.

“What we have to do is heal our nation. We have to reduce crime by healing the nation and making it to where crime isn’t profitable and people don’t want to commit crimes. If criminals want firearms, criminals will get firearms,” McGuire adds.

The annual gun show is the one of the Alcazar Shriners Temple’s largest fundraisers of the year.

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