Confederate Flag Planned Across From ASU


The newspaper in Tallassee reports a Neo-Confederate group in that city is planning to install a flagpole and Confederate flag along I-85 in Montgomery. The flag would be installed across from Alabama State University, a historically black university.

The Tallassee Tribune reports the pole would be as high as 50 feet—and was donated by a Montgomery doctor who wants to remain anonymous.

The group says it wants the flag to be visible to students at the university, but denies they are doing it to antagonize. They say they want everyone to see the flag.

In the article, the group also commented that “our lives matter just as much.” So far, there’s been no response from school officials at ASU.

Governor Bentley removed confederate battle flags from the Confederate Memorial at the state capitol last year.

Another Confederate group installed a large confederate flag along I-65 north of Montgomery years ago.

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