Super Bowl Favorites

Sports fans across the nation crowded bars and restaurants to watch the Super Bowl, but were all of them watching the action on the field? The fans at Beef O’Brady’s in Prattville all had different favorites.

NFL 2Super Bowl 50 was a matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. Some fans did not have any favorite teams, and were only watching for the commercials or halftime entertainment.

“I like the commercials. I do. I like the commercials. And I’ve never been a real big NFL fan, I like college football more, but I always watch the Super Bowl. I just like the commercials,” said Corey McKnight.

“Probably the halftime show. That’s what I really like, the halftime show,” Adrian McKnight said.

“Well, I think like most people, I like the commercials,” added Tommy Schilling. “If the game is good, that helps, but good commercials make the game happen faster and it’s fun.”

There are some who are loyal to the game, and stick around until the clock hits zero.

“The commercials used to be, but they’re not as good as they used to be. But I like the celebration,” said John Roberts.

“The game itself. I know most people like the commercials, I love the game. I’m all about the football game. I’m a die hard,” said Bettie Cheek.

The Denver Broncos pulled off a win over the Carolina Panthers, beating them 24-10.

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