Medical Marijuana Advocates of Alabama Rally in Front of State House

The debate over the legalization of marijuana use in Alabama still continues. A small protest gathered in front of the State House Tuesday morning to ask legislators to reconsider the stance on medicinal cannabis.

weed“T-H-C. You can’t spell healthcare without THC!” joked protester Faye Medlock. Medlock is an advocate for medical cannabis use. She suffers from several different conditions she says could be improved by using medicinal marijuana.

“I have irritable bowl syndrome, which it helps. Fibromyalgia, which it helps,” Medlock said. “My list goes on, I could name my own list forever. So many people that this could help, and the government is hindering.”

Alabama Government’s official ruling is that marijuana of any kind, medicinal or recreational, is considered illegal. Right now under “Carly’s Law,” only University of Alabama, Birmingham Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Alabama are allowed to administer cannabis oil to research patients. Getting the entire plant is the goal of the Medical Cannabis Advocates of Alabama. It is a hope that protester Regina Kingvinzant says is worth fighting for, for her health.

“I have HIV, it helps me to eat. I have pain,” Kingvinzant said. “I have a brain mass, I have some heart problems. I have several different things that I find out it will help with.”

The Medical Cannabis Advocates of Alabama hope to break the stigma that surrounds marijuana usage. They argue it is much less dangerous than other legal substances.

“Doctors will give you plenty of pills that’ll make you a zombie and have horrible side effects,” another protester Destin Maynor said. “Or you can use something that’s totally natural that has pretty much no side effects. Worst side effects there is, is you get the munchies and you want to eat!”

The advocates hope their small protest can shed light on a big issue, and help to get themselves and others medicine they say they desperately need.

“It would be a better quality of life for me,” Kingvinzant added.

The protesters plan on meeting with representatives until the changes they want to see are made.

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