Troy University Students Protest for Free Speech

A group of Troy University students, may not be mighty in numbers but they are making their voices loud and clear. They hope their bright yellow shirts and flyers will spark a conversation about freedom of speech.

They are members of Young Americans for Liberty and they say their fight is about freedom of speech.
“If you refer to the Oracle which is the student handbook there is a free speech zone on the north quad behind bibb graves next to the Trojan Center,” says Gordon Miller.

The group thinks the university limits what students can say and where they can say it.

“We’re humans we should be able to say whatever we want whenever we want, wherever we want,” says Maya Calhoun.

While students say they’re only allowed to express their freedom of speech in a certain area on campus administrators say a freedom of speech zone doesn’t exist on campus.

“Some years back we had a policy where particularly for visitors on the campus who might be seeking to interact with students that we would ask them to locate themselves on a particular part of the campus,” says Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Administration, John Dew. 

But now, thats no longer the case. University officials say the newest version of the student handbook outlines its policy and doesn’t limit students to freedom of speech zone. In fact, they welcome it all over campus, as long as its not disruptive.

“We’re probably in greater alignment with our student’s interests and desires than some of them-a few of them may recognize,” says Dew. 

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