Cosby’s Lawyers Try Again To Get His Sex Assault Case Tossed

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Lawyers for Bill Cosby are trying again to have the comedian’s sex assault case in Pennsylvania dismissed.

They say Cosby had an agreement with a former prosecutor that he would never be charged over the 2004 encounter with a Temple University employee.

A judge this month rejected claims that Cosby had a binding promise from the previous district attorney and scheduled a March 8 preliminary hearing.

Cosby’s lawyers filed an appeal Friday to the state Superior Court.

They also appealed the judge’s decision to not disqualify Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele. They say Cosby became a “political football” in Steele’s fall campaign for office.

The Pennsylvania case is the only one to lead to criminal charges amid dozens of accusations that Cosby drugged and molested women. Cosby denies them.

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