Former Mayor of Philadelphia Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in the River Region

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For Michael Nutter, the former mayor of Philadelphia,  its an honor to stop into Montgomery, while campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

“Part of it is quite frankly to remind folks about this great history and these great relationships that she and president Clinton have had for decades with folks right here in Montgomery and across Alabama.”

Nutter is here to see what people in the river region would like for Clinton to do if elected.

And for Vladimir Averett, the owner of Heritage Barber Shop, that is helping small businesses.

“Whenever you get an opportunity from a male from a bigger city-comes to Montgomery, Alabama to see what small entrepreneurs are doing and to see how Montgomery’s community can change,” says Averett.

When it comes to surpassing Bernie Sanders, Nutter says Clinton is more than prepared.

“The real issue is making sure that people know what your record is. That you’ve been a champion and a fighter especially in the African American community and communities of color for a long, long period of time.”




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