Alabama Company Approved to Build Factory in Cuba

Cleber LLC is pleased to announce that it has received authorization from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to build a tractor manufacturing facility in Cuba.  This was made possible through changes announced February 4th by the Department of Treasury and OFAC that establish a framework for American companies to participate in projects to help Cuba improve its economic environment and become a partner in the global economy.

“We are proud to take the next step forward in continuing to develop the Cuban economy and providing a means for farmers to directly benefit from their efforts.” says Horace Clemmons, Chief Executive Officer of Cleber LLC, “We appreciate the partnership shown by the governments of both countries in helping to progress this initiative.”

“Cleber chose tractors as the starting point for manufacturing because more than 70% of Cuba’s land has been returned to the private sector to be worked for the direct benefit of farmers.  Family farmers and cooperative farms are critically important to Cuba’s economy and provide a strong demand for affordable equipment to increase their productivity”, said co-founder Saul Berenthal.

The facility will be built in the newly established Special Development Zone in Mariel (ZED Mariel) and operated under the framework established to encourage international investment.

Cleber’s first tractor model, Oggun, is designed with an Open System Manufacturing Model (OSMM) and is the first in a complete line of agricultural and light construction equipment. OSMM is based on principles of sustainability, ecological compliance, use of renewable energy, recyclability, and non-obsolescence.

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