Officer-Involved Shooting on McElvy Street in Montgomery

officer shootingMontgomery Police have confirmed that an officer-involved shooting has occurred in West Montgomery around 3:30 Thursday morning.  Lt. Denise Barnes tells us  the shooting happened in the 3200 block of McElvy Street which is in the Mobile Heights neighborhood.

The person in the shooting has been identified as Greg Gunn.

Neighbors say they heard several gun shots and that’s when they went outside and saw Gunn laying outside of the front porch of his home.

Police say Gunn had a small pole in his possession when the officer began to shoot. There was a slight struggle that continued for about a block or so. In that time, the officer shot and killed the suspect.

Police did not release any information on the officer, but did say he was young, and was with the department for less than four years. He’s also placed on administrative leave. The race of the officer was also not released.

Neighbors and friends say Gunn never had issues with the law or anyone, and today all they can do is mourn and remember the man they called a positive influence in the neighborhood.

Montgomery County Commissioner, Elton Dean,  says he was close to Gunn and spoke on behalf of the family, he says Gunn lived with his mother and other family members.

“The mom is 87 years old, she’s extremely hurt, the sisters are hurt, the nephews are hurt,” Dean said. “He was close to my boys, and my wife and everybody, so I’m hurt but we ant to know exactly what happened.”

It has yet to be released whether or not the officer’s body camera was on during the incident.

The investigation has been turned over to the State Bureau of Investigations.

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