Peaceful Protest Held in Memory of Gregg Gunn


A peaceful protest was held Sunday in the community where a man was shot and killed last week by a Montgomery Police officer. A number of community leaders, people from the area and members of the Black Lives Matter Movement participated in the protest for Gregg Gunn.

All who were there believe Gunn was unjustly murdered by a Montgomery Police officer. State Representative Alvin Holmes organized the event, and said they were there to, “protest the execution of Mr. Gunn.”

The protesters call for the unnamed police officer who shot Gunn to be charged with first degree murder and incarcerated. Police have not released the race of the officer, but former resident of the neighborhood Chris Miles is already asking for more action.

“We want all white police officers from this point going forward, completely out of the black community,” Miles said. “We don’t want them patrolling the Black Community no more. Because, as the statement went out earlier, we’re either suspicious, or when something happened they were in fear of their life.”

Miles and the others are claiming Gunn was unarmed, and that the officer shot him out of racial fear. It is a fear he said affects the entire community.

“We don’t even feel safe at this point,” he said. “None of… I could go get any of these young men out here, and they will tell you that they are actually scared to come out of their doors. We can’t live like that.”

Karen Jones lived down the street from the Gunn family, and said she was close with Gunn’s sister. Now an activist, she says the shooting hit hard.

GUNNRALLY PIC“It is disturbing that this assassination has happened in my neighborhood. To a family friend. To a good man… Good man,” Jones said.

She said she and her fellow protesters will take up the fight for justice, and not let Gunn’s death be forgotten. No matter what comes of their actions, the protesters know Gunn would be happy they were there.

“And I think he is, as you see the pretty blue sky and the warm weather, God allowed him to smile down on us today,” Jones said with smile. “And so it’s bittersweet. Prayerfully, we will triumph out of this tragedy. We will make a triumph out of this tragedy.”

A public Q&A session about this shooting will be held at Montgomery City Hall on February 29 at 12:30 p.m.

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