Southern Tornado Study

What makes twisters here different? Stronger?

Weather researchers say they expect about 40 scientists from around the nation to participate in “VORTEX Southeast,” an upcoming study of the unique characteristics of tornadoes that develop in the South.

Like earlier studies in the Midwest, the research based in Huntsville, Alabama, will run through March and April and will include mobile radars, drones and other equipment that can measure tornado intensity.

Social scientists say they plan to conduct interviews with residents in southern states to probe the psychology behind tornado warnings and figure out ways to persuade people to take action when tornadoes are forecast.

Documents from the federal National Severe Storms Laboratory show that researchers also hope to learn more about the mysteries of Southern tornadoes, such as: Whether the landscape in the South gives them added power; and how to warn people at night, when many tornadoes strike in the South.

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