Strange Updates Shooting Info

Unarmed man on city's Westside was shot and killed by officer.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange says the officer who shot and killed a West Side man last Thursday, A.C. Smith, was hired in 2012.


Strange says he has not talked with the officer.

Strange made his comments today on Alabama News Network This Morning on CBS 8 and ABC Montgomery. Smith is on Administrative leave following the incident in which he shot and killed 58 year old Greg Gun at about 3;15 AM  last Thursday. Gun’s brother confronted Strange during an open meeting about the case yesterday, demanding Strange resign.

Gun was not armed, but there are reports that he was holding some kind of “painters pole”.

The investigation is being conducted by the State of Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. Strange said he is confident it will not be necessary to involve U.S. Department of Justice investigators. Some of those at a Black Lives Matter protest earlier in the week said it should be handed over to the Feds.

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