MPD Possible Victim of Cyber Attack

CaptureThe Montgomery Police Department is the target of a possible Cyber attack.

A video with a threatening message to law enforcement is being spread across social media.

The video was posted on YouTube by an account posing as the well known hackers—Anonymous. The video claims to be from a group calling themselves “anonymous anon verdict”.

The video threatens to release personal information of Montgomery police officers as punishment for hiring Officer Aaron Smith, who was charger with murder for the shooting death of Greg Gunn a few days ago.

They also threaten more hacking if Officer Smith is not indicted.

A source involved in law enforcement says he was in a meeting with higher ranking officers like, Chief Finley,  where they were all warned about this very hacking group before this video was released and before Officer Smith’s arrest.

The hackers are apparently holding cities quote– “hostage” across the country by hacking into city computer databases and demanding money to not release very sensitive and personal information.

The group has already released information like names and home addresses of officers and their family members.

We reached out to the Montgomery Police Department for comment but they declined to comment but said they were aware of the video. We reached out the several other law enforcement agencies in our area to see if they’ve received similar threats, and they tell us they have not.

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