Bentley’s Cabinet Member and Staff Pay Raises are Criticized

annalabamalegislature.jpgSome legislators are criticizing Gov. Robert Bentley for raising salaries of his cabinet members and staff, some by double-digit percentage increases.

Bentley raised the salaries by as much as $70,000 under a 2015 law that removed old salary caps- largely considered out-of-date- and allowed pay in a range approved by the State Personnel Board. However, Sen. Arthur Orr, the sponsor of the 2015 bill, on Wednesday called the size of the raises “outrageous.”

Orr said legislators did not envision increases of that magnitude when they approved the 2015 bill.

Bentley, in a statement, said the raises will help recruit and retain highly qualified people to run vital agencies. The governor said he made “no apology” for the raises.

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