Prayers for Butler County Officers

FM PRAYFORLAW PIC4A group of prayer warriors has spent the last month praying for every group, business, organization and person in Butler County. Wednesday, they completed their long list with a stop at the Greenville Police Department to pray for and with police and other law enforcement.

The group is participating in the 21 Day Prayer Challenge, and hopes they showed their support for local law enforcement.

Evangelist Carolyn Griffin said the officers need to know how important they are. “We still need to pray, one for another. And they’re important to us. We need them,” she said.

She added that with recent national issues involving law enforcement, she wanted her local heroes to know they are wanted.

FM PRAYFORLAW PIC“So many things are going on, all over the nation, with our police officers and our citizens,” she said. “And we need to, rally around them and pray for them, because their jobs are hard.”

Greenville Officers and Butler County officials came out to pray and support one another. Police Chief Lonzo Ingram said the prayer event showed him someone still cares.

“We deal with so much with the down side of society, that we don’t realize there’s an upside so many times,” Ingram said. “And that’s what we need to know. And what we saw this morning was, there is an upside, there is people who care about law and order, and law enforcement. And like I said, it’s just refreshing to know that.”

FM PRAYFORLAW PIC3District Attorney Charlotte Tesmer brought her staff to the gathering, to thank those who have prayed so hard for them. She also wanted to thank and pray for the officers.

“These guys work 24/7. They’re always on call. In our office, we are too,” Tesmer said. “And it’s nice to know that you have support, it’s nice to know that you have prayers. And people are praying for them, me included.”

The group has no formal plans to meet and pray for the county again, but Griffin hopes they will continue to pray on their own.

“I’m praying that the citizens of Butler County and other places, will come together in prayer and just continue to pray for one another,” she said. “We really need the prayer.”



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