Team Roping Wraps Up SLE Rodeo

SLERODEOWRAP PICSunday was the last day of the Southeastern Livestock Exhibition Rodeo in Montgomery. Though the week was full of family fun, the riders ended the rodeo with a serious, technical competition.

Team roping was an all day affair at the Crawford Arena. With precise roping skills and necessary trust in a partner, team roping is often thought of as one of the more challenging events. A head roper and a heel roper must work together, securely capturing a young steer in only seconds. If a header only gets one horn, five seconds are added to the total run time. If a heeler only ropes one foot, another five seconds. If either member of the team misses they are both immediately disqualified. All the rules and strict time requirements make for a challenging sport. A sport that header and cattle-hand Randall Pringle lives for.

RODEOROPING PIC3“Just being competitive, is what makes it fun for me,” Pringle said. “Who can get it done in the fastest time. That’s what makes it fun.”

Pringle has been on the rodeo scene for years, and has made a life for himself in the saddle.

“Been a cowboy all my life,” he said. “It’s gonna be a lifestyle. You gotta kinda live what you do.”

He is not sure how many 1st place saddles he has ridden away with, but is always looking for another to add to the collection.

“I have no idea how many I’ve actually won. I haven’t been keeping up,” he admitted with a laugh. “I would… To some people it would be a lot. But not enough for me.”

He said quite a few of the riders bring their families to the events, and say it is entertainment for all ages.

RODEOROPING PIC2“A concert or something like that, you don’t want to take your children to that,” said SLE Rodeo Trustee Michael Dansby, with his two young sons. ” I mean it’s a wholesome family event to bring your children out to.”

“It takes a family to do it. You know it takes a mom, dad, the kids, you know,” added senior roper and last year’s champion, Glenn Davis. “And it’s just a really good structure. And everybody just about knows everybody and looks after everybody’s kids, you know. It’s a good family type deal.”

Even though the SLE Rodeo is over, cowboys and girls are already looking forward to and planning next year’s event. Next year will be the 60th year of the Southeastern Livestock Exhibition Rodeo.

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