Boeing under Airbus pressure, cutting 4k jobs.

Airbus employs thousands in Alabama.


Boeing is laying off some four-thousand workers in Washington State as it deals with pressure from Airbus:


“Staffing reductions through mid-year, including hundreds of executives and managers, are projected to total approximately 4,000 positions — none of which involve involuntary layoffs. We’ve been able to reduce staffing levels through attrition, leaving open positions unfilled, and voluntary layoffs. We’ll only use involuntary layoffs as a last resort.”

Boeing’s CEO recently told workers in a company-wide address any cuts would part of an overall plan to cut costs and keep up with competitor Airbus.”

CBS News report

Airbus opened its first U.S. plant in Mobile last year which is a $600-Million dollar facility that employs thousands.


SEE the entire CBS News story HERE.

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