Flight Crew of Haynes Life Flight 2 Remembered

For 6 months, the Haynes flight crew of Life Flight 2 took hundreds of flights together to save lives, now their lives were honored for their sacrifice.

“Our lives were shattered, our hearts were broken. Haynes Life Flight my heart was broken with you. Its still broken with you, ” says Corey Pittman.

The crew was responding to a patient in Coffee County when the helicopter crashed, killing everyone on board. Now people around the community are remembering Pilot Chad Hammond, Flight Nurse, Stacy Cernadas, and Medic Jason Snipes.

“When Jason was called a hero for his efforts. He quoted he said, I’m not a hero, God does his work through my hands,” says Pittman.

While details of exactly what caused the crash are still under investigation, instead of remembering how the crew died, this community is focusing on how they lived.

“We’ve had such an impact on in the communities and now this is their way of kind of giving back to us,” says Kirk Barrett.

“We will never forget Jason. We will never forget Stacy. We will never forget Chad,” says Pittman.


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