Family of Woman Killed by Auburn Police Seek Legal Action

AP_691762620818The parents of a deceased Alabama woman have lambasted police, saying they called authorities to help get their daughter to a mental hospital, but the officers shot her instead.

Michael Boarts said on Monday, the shooting death of his 36-year-old daughter Melissa Boarts by Auburn officers was “outrageous and asinine.”

Terry Boarts says she called police Sunday, saying her daughter was driving on a highway, had a knife and was threatening to kill herself. Terry Boarts says her daughter had been diagnosed as a bipolar manic depressive.

Police say the driver got out of her vehicle “armed with a weapon and charged the officers in a threatening manner.” The officers shot and killed her.

The family has hired an attorney to pursue legal action.

As reported Monday, police in Alabama say officers shot and killed a person reported as a possible “suicidal motorist” after the driver threatened them with a weapon.

The Alabama State Bureau of Investigations and the Macon County Sheriff’s Department are investigating the Sunday shooting by Auburn police officers.

Auburn police said Sunday that officers responding to a complaint of a suicidal driver on Interstate 85 followed the motorist’s vehicle for several miles before the driver exited the highway and stopped.

Police did not say what type of weapon the driver had. The races of the woman shot and the officer involved were not immediately known.

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