Greenville Roads Get Much Needed Repaving

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SAL ROADPROJECT PICEighteen roads in the city of Greenville are getting a much needed makeover. Public Works and city officials accepted a bid from the APAC company for a little over $600,000.

“Every year, if you could do them, it would be… You know, cause we’ve got lots of streets. It’s just a lot of wear and tear on them,” says Public Works Director Milton Luckie. Luckie says these 18 roads are in desperate need of attention.

“‘Cause when you pave roads over and over and over, over a period of 30-40 years, it actually adds up and gets over the curb,” Luckie explains. “A lot of wear on them. There’s a lot of traffic on some of the roads, that’s more than others. Heavier vehicles on some of the roads.”

Greenville Mayor says these are roads that have not been repaved in more than 20 years. And even though scheduling and arranging the work has been a long process, the actual work itself will only take 12 to 15 days.

“You never know what the weather’s going to be like, but the bottom line is, these guys get in here, they’re going… The least time it takes them to do it, they’re going to make more money,” McLendon says.

Even though the work will be expansive, Luckie says there are no plans to close the roads.

“The roads won’t be closed. They’ll be passable,” he explains. “There will be flagmen out, you know, it’ll be a little inconvenient at times, but if they’ll just pay attention to all the signs they’ve put out, all the flagmen, then everything should run smoothly.”

McLendon hopes to get council approval on the budget for the project at the next council meeting. If approved, the work could start that following Wednesday.

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