Lawmakers Vote to Protect Funds for Roads and Bridges

al_statehouse.jpgThe Alabama House of Representatives today voted 90 – 3 in favor of Senate Bill 180. The bill was introduced by Sen. Gerald Dial (R-Lineville) and is designed to protect revenue for Alabama’s roads and bridges.

Based on the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2015 Report Card for Alabama’s Infrastructure, Alabama’s roads received a grade of D+, and its bridges received a grade of C-. Many leaders across the state have spoken out and requested that legislators identify new strategies to increase revenue for transportation infrastructure.

“Today, Alabama legislators exercised true leadership by voting in favor of SB 180,” said Jim Page, CEO of the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce and spokesperson for the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure. “We applaud the members of the legislature who recognize that we can no longer ignore Alabama’s crumbling infrastructure. If our state wants to remain economically competitive and keep our citizens safe, then we must invest in and protect funding for our roads and bridges.”

The Alabama legislature will soon consider House Bill 394. Rep. Mac McCutcheon (R-Madison) introduced the bill which aims to generate additional revenue for roads and bridges in Alabama. Based on the passage of Sen. Dial’s bill, the revenue generated by HB 394 would be protected for projects focused on improving Alabama’s transportation infrastructure.

“Alabama lawmakers know that our transportation infrastructure is failing the people of Alabama,” said Page. “We must continue to take bold steps to increase revenue for vital roadways, which is why the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure is strongly encouraging legislators to now support HB 394. Last week, the Alliance was thrilled to see mayors from Alabama’s five largest cities express support for increasing revenue for roads and bridges – a telling sign that this issue is important to leaders across the state.”

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