Hope Heals in Montgomery

KWOLF PICNot many people could face a life like Katherine and Jay Wolf’s with such a positive outlook. Katherine suffered a major stroke in April 2008, one doctors did not think she would survive. Eight years later, Katherine and her family are thriving thanks to the prayers and support of their church families, and their love.

“I have no fine motor coordination, and a slew of other health problems, and yet, I’m doing great!” Katherine says happily. “Like, I love my life, I’m so grateful to get to get up every morning and do this.”

“The suffering… It has not broken us but it’s melded us closer together,” says her husband Jay Wolf. Jay and Katherine decided to write their story after struggling to find similar stories after Katherine’s stroke. The book is called Hope Heals, and they hope to inspire others to keep believing, even when it seems impossible.

“Reality is, all of our suffering, all of our pain looks different,” Jay says. “But we’re really living out the same story together. Of trying to figure out what we do with the life that doesn’t look like what we thought it would look like. So we pray that through the sharing of our own story, sharing what God’s done through our story, people would find in their own stories, that spark of hope.”

“Even though I would have never in a million years, chosen any of this, I just feel so blessed that like, God has really selected me for this,” Katherine says. “And said ‘Katherine, you are in fact up for this, even if you never thought this would be your life.’ Like, what a great story. And the same is true for us all. God is using the worst things for the best. Romans 8:28 is true. He’s always at work in all of our lives.”

Katherine and Jay’s book will be available in stores on April 26, but is available to order through the couple’s website. For more information or to hear more on their story, click here.

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