Greenville Zaxby’s Construction on Hold

A Zaxby’s restaurant was slated to move into the city of Greenville sometime during the summer of 2016, but construction issues have put the project on hold.

“We thought we’d already be eating chicken out there, but things have changed,” says Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon. “The problem is the parking lot that we’d planned to put it in, which is in the tractor supply parking lot, along with the Marvin’s. The attorneys for Tractor Supply are concerned about if they’re going to have enough parking.”

The Zaxby’s building would take up 60 parking spaces, according to current plans. IMG_8718McLendon hopes to use another area close to the stores to make 68 parking spaces, replacing and adding onto the current number. McLendon hopes once these plans are finalized and approved, Zaxby’s construction can begin as soon as possible.

Other business owners near the Interstate are also eager for their new neighbors to move in. Like Marilyn Grayson, the manager of The Roost Giftshop, who cannot wait for another business to come to town.

“Everyone, I mean, whether they’re shopping with me or you know, it brings people off [the Interstate],” she says. “It might help the gas stations, the sales tax, it certainly helps.”

Even though a new business in town would usually mean more competition, McLendon and Grayson both know a new place means a win for the entire city.

“Because they’re going to stop and get gas. They might decide to go to Citi Trends and shop, they might decide to go to Marvin’s and buy something. They might go down the street to the Chevrolet place and buy a car. Okay, it has happened before!” McLendon laughs.

“Well that one may be somebody’s very favorite restaurant,” Grayson adds. “And they may get off the interstate here, where they may not have. So the more we have here, the more people that will be getting off and maybe on their way out of there, they’ll stop by here!”

There is no word on the next big deal for Greenville. Mayor McLendon hopes to have these new plans approved as soon as possible and have the Zaxby’s built and moved in sometime this year.

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